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Horticulture  Chair





The Navarre Garden Club promotes gardening in a variety of ways.

​In Florida we celebrate Arbor Day in January. The Navarre Garden Club celebrates Arbor Day by planting a native tree in a public place for the community to enjoy.  In addition, Navarre Junior Garden Club students also plant a tree and participate in a program in honor of the day. 

In our newsletter, at meetings, and through field trips the Birds and Butterflies 
committee reminds club members of the importance and beauty of horticulture with respect to our major pollinators. Without our hard working pollinators we would starve! 

In June, the Navarre Garden Club Annual Flower Show takes place. The Flower Show gives members the opportunity to share a variety of horticulture they have grown with the public. Also included in the show are various categories of floral designs created by members.

On the third Tuesday of every month, members gather at the Green Thumb Terrace for the monthly Horticulture Workshop. Each month a member presents a topic that is usually accompanied by some hands-on activity that provides members with experience in cutting, potting, and caring for a plant of interest. Plants are also cultivated for sale by the club. 

Your Yard is a program in which members can request the Plant Posse to come answer questions about their yard. The Plant Posse consists of experienced gardeners who can identify plants, troubleshoot problems, and make recommendations when requested.